Train O'Clock API

European railway stations data for developers

We've done all the hard work for you, making sure you get access to all major railway operators data without additional coding or user agreement.

Instant access to international coverage

You will have instant access to railway stations data such as:

  • Accurate stations GPS coordinates
  • Stations codes: UIC, EVA, CRS, etc.
  • Stations street address: street, postal code, city, district, etc.
  • Stations name

Save time and money with a single interface

Train O'Clock eliminates the need to maintain multiple sources codes.

It will definitely speed up your software development time.

Country Number of stations Demo
Austria 1028 Try it!
Belgium 558 Try it!
Denmark Coming very soon
Finland Coming very soon
France Coming very soon
Germany 5401 Try it!
Great Britain 2594 Try it!
Ireland Coming very soon
Italy Coming very soon
Luxembourg 66 Try it!
Netherlands Coming very soon
Norway Coming very soon
Spain Coming very soon
Sweden Coming very soon
Switzerland Coming very soonn

Train O'Clock delivers accurate data assets built on more than 10 years of experience in manipulating international rail data.

Designed to be as simple as possible, it will make your development process super easy.


If you are interested in the full data set of railway stations, email us:

contact [at]

We'll send you back the access fee details.


Email us: contact [at]

The founder of Train O'Clock is Jean-Baptiste Marie